cocafit industries Hollow Conjukated Fiber Home Washable Maternity Pillow with Cotton and Zippered Cover (Orange)


Cry yourself to sleep in loving embrace of the full body pillow. It provides your tired back and legs with the physical support you need while providing your shattered heart with the emotional support it craves until Mr. Right comes along.

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Legal disclaimer: cocafit in pregnancy pillows and pregnancy related speciality fibres. With over decades of experience in processing fibres and making pillows, cocafit pregnancy pillows are known worldwide for their gentle feel and good support that them. Cocafit has the largest range of pregnancy pillows in the world with many design, color and print options. Who should a u shaped pillow the u shaped pillow is ideal for people who tend to switch sides while sleeping. The horseshoe u shaped pregnancy pillow twin side support. It supports the head. The back end provides support to the vertebrae while the front side can be used to support the growing belly. In case of pregnancy, this relieves pressure from your spine, which usually aches due to the baby weight you hold on the belly. Post pregnancy a u pillow can also be used, amongst other uses, as a bed lock/ safety net for kids. This is not a fluffy/ bouncy sofa cushion. This pillow with use this will take the shape of your body and compress itself to fill in the gap between your body and the surface. All cocafit products can bewithin 30 days. Once we receive the request, we will send you the instructions. In most cities we can coordinate a pickup. In cities or which are far off or where we have no pickup, we will assist you in coordinating with the india post office. We will pay you the full postal charges.


Legal Disclaimer:

cocafit Standard U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Made from premium high quality cocafit HQ Fibres, this cocafit U shaped Pregnancy Pillow has been designed to offer Twin Side Support during pregnancy. With dual legs and adequate breadth, the top curve end of the pillow can be used to nestle your head or provide support to your feet, while the straight sides of the pillow provide spinal and underbelly support. The U shaped Pregnancy Pillow can be used in numerous ways to support the growing body in your pregnancy months. Fine precision cut cocafit HQ fibres within ranges of below 5 to 15 denier are used for an even seamless feel. The fibres are null pressure and hypo allergenic thus making sure that no harmful pressure is released on use. The fine denier of cocafit HQ fibre makes it flexible and malleable for a multi purpose use. Cocafit U Shaped Pillow covers are detachable and made using fine mercerised NEWD Cotton Knitted Jersey fabric with an organic stretch to fit the pillow snugly around the curves and bends. The fabrics are pre treated for shrinkage and color. The NEWD knitted fabrics are best in class with a smooth finish and are very absorbent too. Recommended for Pregnancy The Cocafit U shaped pregnancy pillows are designed offer Twin Side Support at the same time to the spine and under belly . The null pressure Cocafit HQ fibres are also pregnancy safe. Besides pregnancy , it can also be used for reading and relaxing. Its flexible shape and material make it a multipurpose pillow that can be used even post pregnancy for baby feeding, baby burping and lounging.


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