Night Time Heat Free Hair Curlers

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Give your straight locks some much needed volume without harming your hair by going to bed with these night time heat free hair curlers. Simply wrap your hair around these extra-absorbent, memory-foam core curlers to wake up with magnificent curls in the morning.

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Specifications: Size:6 x 1.6 inch(16 x 4cm) Color:SKy Blue Material:Double velvet + Sponge column Package:8Pcs x Nighttime Hair Curler sleep hair rollers curling apparatus curling drum dry hair curler Hair Curler :Using steps: 1 .Wash and condition your hair as you normally would. Towel and air dry hair until damp but not wet. 2.Apply styling product. You know your hair best. Apply the styling product you would typically use to straighten hair (Hair Oil/Serum, Leave-In Conditioner, Mousse, Anti-Frizz, etc). 3.Divide hair into sections,combing each one smooth as you add rollers in. 3.While holding the strap out of the way, wrap a section of hair below the strap and around the roller. Roll hair away from your face. Note: The tighter you wrap, the tighter the curl. 4.To secure, position the roller so the strap is closest to your scalp. Wrap the strap around the roller in the opposite direction as your hair and fasten to the hook and loop strip along the base of the roller. 5.Now, get your beauty sleep! Wake up and slide the rollers out of your bouncy curls.


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