UMIWE Bug Insect Vacuum Catcher Traps for Bugs


Keeping your home insect free is easier than ever thanks to this rechargeable bug vacuum. It charges via USB, comes with a built-in LED for increased visibility in the dark, and gives you the option to release the creepy crawlers you catch back into the wild.

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Effective Catcher: the vacuum insects and bug catcher can effectively suck any unwanted spiders, cockroaches, wasps, mosquitoes, centipedes, files and more into its clear pipe at ease and later release them back to nature

Safe to Use: Catch any little creatures by just aiming at them and pressing the IN button to suck in. No bait or chemical spray, non-toxic, non-touching at all. Anyone can use the device confidently

Eco-friendly: It can be charged for recycling use. Are you scared of those small insects or bugs? Now there is no need to encourage yourself to kill them with residual ugly bodies and bad smell that ruin your house, and decrease the biodiversity

Also Works at Night: Creepy crawlers always like damp and dark areas. The vacuum bug cleaner is specially equipped with a LED light that enables to catch them in the darkness


Size: 44.5*4.2cm / 17.5*1.6inch
Material: plastic

Package include:

1 * vacuum spider catcher
1 * usb cord


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